A Broken Frame

Eva O'Leary
William Koone
Andrea McGinty
Alexandra Toledo
Marc Manning

534 42nd Street
Oakland, CA 94609

April 21, 2019 - May 12, 2019


A systemless revision of democracy produces a revealing of its fundamental instability. Through this degeneration exists a contentless core, undefined ways forward from an abrupt abandonment of the known. In its wake a notable aggression is distributed through a dialect created to "disrupt", essentially to efface a system of its given properties without an alternative path. This is the essence of a substitute progress, one that resists exact definition or longevity.  Given the distance between protest and resignation a determination is made. Efforts of personal protection, power interruption or intolerance reveal equal strategies of revolt.

A Broken Frame presents individual works in response: time, violence, injustice, power, death.

Eva O'Leary lives and works between New York and Pennsylvania.
Group exhibitions include the Serpentine Gallery (London), l'Atelier Néerlandais (Paris), Christophe Guye Gallery (Zurich), Benaki Museum (Athens), and Petzel Gallery (New York). Her work has been published in Foam Magazine, ArtForum, Aperture, 1000 Words, ZEIT Magazin, The New Yorker and The New York Times. 

William Koone lives and works in Oakland, California. Recent exhibtions include Casemore Kirkeby (San Francisco, CA), City Limits (Oakland, CA), and AlterSpace (San Francisco, CA).

Andrea McGinty lives and works in New York, NY.  Recent exhibitions include East Hampton Shed, Holiday Forever (Jackson Hole, WY), Miami Practicas Contemporaneas (Bogotá, Colombia), Ventanas Techo (Mexico City, Mexico), and VSOP Projects (Greenport, NY).

Alexandra Toledo lives and works in San Francisco, California. Recent group exhibitions include Hit Gallery (San Francisco, CA) and RVCA (San Francisco, CA).

Marc Manning lives and works in San Francisco, California.