Rene Matić, Dancers at Sex and Rage, London, 2022, Inkjet print, framed, Edition 1/5, 28.5 x 19.3 x 1.4 (inch) framed.
credit: artist and Arcadia Missa, London, part of the "flag for countries that don't exist but bodies that do" series

Art Basel Miami Beach 2023

Nicelle Beauchene, “Private Collection”, 2023, Saif Azzuz
Galleria Franco Noero, Morán Morán, Paula Cooper Gallery, “Flourish”, 2023, Eric N. Mack
Paula Cooper, “Quiet As It's Kept”, 2023, Ja'Tovia Gary
Almine Rech, “Composition for Face and Hands (ASMR)”, 2023, Oliver Beer
Galeria Luisa Strina, Laura Lima, “Disco voador #18”, 2023
Casey Kaplan, Kaveri Raina, “shuffled away quietly; yet resisting”, 2023
Sicardi Ayers Bacino, Gego (Gertrud Louise Goldschmidt), Sin título [Untitled], 1977
Chapter NY, Willa Nasatir, Mouth, 2023
Meredith Rosen Gallery, Rudolf Maeglin
Residency Art Gallery, Texas Isaiah
Lyles & King, Catalina Ouyang, “grief volume (Powder Mill; Anvil Ct; Mulberry and Grand)”, 2023
Michael Werner Gallery, Enrico David, "Zattera Viva (Living Raft)”, 2020
Clearing, Daisy Sheff, “Two squash heads under a wave”, 2023
Simone Subal, Cameron Clayborn, “reliquary #2” , 2023
Altman Siegel, Koak, “Sun Dour”, 2022
Night Gallery, Rose Marcus, “Pussies Everywhere”, 2023
Night Gallery, Daniel Tyree Gaitor-Lomack, “I Ain't Do Nuffin * (youfa'ism)”, 2023
Jenkins Johnson Gallery, Ming Smith, “Masque, Cairo, Egypt”, 1990 - 1996
Peter Freeman, Inc., Fernanda Gomes, “Untitled”, 2012
Emalin, Özgür Kar, “Death Nursing a Nightingale”, 2023
David Kordansky Gallery, Mario Ayala, “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now / County Hospital”, 2022
Commonwealth and Council, Guadalupe Rosales, “City of Lost Angels”, 2023
Sprüth Magers, Rosemarie Trockel, “Agoraphobia”, 2022
i8 Gallery, B Ingrid Olson, “Round Room (present/present)”, 2022
Patron, Bethany Collins, “Antigone: 2011 / 2021 / 2004, 2023”, 2023
Arcadia Missa and Soft Opening, Rene Matić
Project Native Informant, Dozie Kanu
Paula Cooper, Jay DeFeo, “Untitled”, 1973
Canada, Mary Manning, “Companion Notes”, 2023
Gray, Torkwase Dyson, “Transverse-Black Lake_2 (Elevation)”, 2023
The Modern Institute, Jesse Wine, “Extraordinary delusions and the madness of crowds”, 2023
Marian Goodman Gallery, Nairy Baghramian, “Dwindler_Lorn”, 2018
Soft Opening, Rhea Dillon