Petra Bibeau has spent two decades working in the art world in the capacity of a sales director, gallery owner, and as the director of a New York-based art advisory.

Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Bibeau began her career at Stephen Wirtz, one of the earliest conceptual photography programs in San Francisco. She worked with Fraenkel Gallery to establish a satellite location, expanding the gallery’s footprint by co-facilitating exhibitions guest curated by John Waters, Miguel Abreu, Richard T Walker, David Benjamin Sherry and others.

Thereafter, Bibeau was the Director of Casemore Gallery in San Francisco and developed the gallery’s initial participation in Paris Photo and Frieze New York through presentations of historical works by Steve Kahn, Jim Goldberg, and Sonya Rapoport. During her tenure she curated several large-scale exhibitions integrating artists from beyond the West Coast into the programming, providing many artists with their first exhibition in San Francisco and resulting in institutional acquisitions.

Recently she held the position of Director at Anne Bruder Art in New York where she managed and expanded large-scale, multi-city corporate collections while advising in depth on the emergent segment.

In 2024 Bibeau co-developed ensemble, an exhibition space in Tribeca focusing on a global share model integrating gallery partners into annual programming to address the prohibitive costs of evolving or sustaining gallery operations in New York City.

Bibeau maintains networks on both coasts, has extensive experience in business development with galleries and advisories, exhibition management, and a background in the private and corporate collection acquisition process. She is most passionate about assisting individual artists and owner-led galleries in self advocacy and agency in their pursuits and practice.

As a writer and curator Bibeau has organized multi-generational exhibitions that follow specific social narrative arcs including: Austerity (2023), Prescribed Liberalism (2022), Time of W (2022), Considered Interactions (2022), As Far As You Can, Tell the Truth (2021), Handless Operative (2019), A Broken Frame (2019), and Option to the Death of Freedom (2017). 

She is a partner at Bibeau Krueger, a contemporary art gallery in New York City which she founded in 2020, providing many artists with their first solo exhibition in New York. Bibeau holds a BA in Liberal Studies from the New School for Public Engagement and an Art Business and Administration Certificate from New York University.